Who we are

Eat. Cook. Learn.


To enrich the lives of families by inspiring and teaching them to cook and eat real food together, while having fun and learning essential skills for a full life.


ChopChop Family is dedicated to providing tools for building essential life skills through the lens of food and cooking. ChopChop Family includes a diverse and inclusive collection of products for children, parents, and older adults. In addition to our award-winning magazines and cookbooks, the ChopChop Family brand includes digital content, cooking curricula, and hands-on cooking classes.

We believe that cooking and eating together is fundamental to every family’s health and happiness, and that if children learn healthy eating habits when they’re young, they will maintain healthy lifestyles into their teenage and adult years. Cooking not only promotes better health, it also builds relationships, saves money, and teaches math, science, and cultural and financial literacy, along with other critical life skills. We aim to counteract today’s rampant “kitchen illiteracy” by empowering families and communities with our positive message and common-sense, innovative, and fun solutions.


“What makes ChopChop so great is not only Sampson's choice of subject, appealing and respectful design and language, bright colors and surprisingly sophisticated food photography; it's her choice of recipes.”
—Mark Bittman, The New York Times

"ChopChop Family's mission is to ‘inspire and teach kids to cook and eat real food with their families.' With a healthy dose of delicious recipes, fun facts about food and cooking, and a format that is very easy for kids to follow, they are clearly succeeding.”
 —Parents' Choice Foundation