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Who We Love: North Coast Food Web

We love to hear about organizations who are using ChopChop. So, we were excited to find out that our friends at Bob’s Red Mill donated copies of the magazine to North Coast Food Web. The Oregon-based non-profit cultivates a healthy community and vibrant economy through food and agriculture. It is one of the many non-profits that receives support from Bob’s Red Mill. North Coast Food Web offers cooking classes, kitchen volunteer trainings, and camps.

Bob’s Red Mill let us know that ChopChop recipes were used for all five days of the most recent Spring Kids Camp. The leader of the cooking class downloaded the ChopChop curriculum and used it each day at camp. And at downtime, participating kids used the magazine’s games for fun. (We hear our Zucchini Pizza Bites were a big hit at camp!).

On the last day of camp, North Coast Food Web sent each young chef home with kitchen tools such as measuring cups, mixing spoons, shopping bag, cutting mats, and pot holders. And each kid got a copy of ChopChop so they could keep cooking at home.

We’re excited to see how they use the magazine for the upcoming Food Day in October. Thanks to North Coast Food Web and thanks to Bob’s Red Mill for the magazine donation.

To learn more about North Coast Food Web visit or watch this video.

To learn more about Bob’s Red Mill visit

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