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Who We Love: Joey Steinberg, the ChopChop Try-Cycle Driver

This summer the ChopChop Bike is hitting the road giving out magazines and samples of some our favorite foods at festivals, races, parades, and more.  Our friend Joey Steinberg will be driving the bike. Joey was a model in the very first issue of the magazine and has stayed connected to ChopChop for the last 5 years. Joey answered a few questions for ChopChop readers to get to know him a little better. Read on to learn all about the guy behind the wheel(s). And, if you see Joey on the road, give him a wave (and he’ll probably have something tasty to give you in return!). 


ChopChop: How did you get involved in ChopChop?

Joey: I first got involved in ChopChop when I was in 6th grade. Sally (ChopChop’s founder) is our very good family friend and when she first told us about it, it sounded like something that I would like. Sure enough I got to be in the first issue of the magazine.

ChopChop: What was that like being a model in the first issue of ChopChop? Tell us a little about the photo shoot.

Joey: Being in a magazine was something that I had never really done before so I was pretty nervous on my way to the shoot. After everything was done, I was very happy to be a part of something that has become so public and well known. The photo shoot was a blast. It was fun to see and smell and taste all of the recipes that are in the magazine. The people who were doing the photography made the whole process very easy.


ChopChop: What do you cook at home?

Joey: I love to cook at home. My favorite thing to cook/ eat would have to be pasta with pesto.


ChopChop: What’s your signature dish (a dish that you are known for making)?

Joey: I would say my signature dish is a breakfast burrito.


ChopChop: What is one food you have tried over and over again but just don’t like?

Joey: Tomatoes. Every time tomatoes are in season, I always try them, but for some reason I just don’t like them.


ChopChop: Why is it important for kids to cook?

Joey: I think it is important for kids to cook because it gives them skills that are going to be very helpful in life. It also gives them an opportunity to express themselves, make them aware of what they are eating, and opens kids’ minds to try new foods. It’s also important because cooking brings families together.  When you cook together, kids feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves and they can say, “I helped make that.”


ChopChop: Tell us a little about the ChopChop Bike. What will it be used for?  What will it be giving out?

Joey: The ChopChop bike, or the ChopChop Try-cycle as we like to call it, is ChopChop on-the-go. It is going to be used to connect with local communities empowering families to make healthy choices and help spread the message of healthy eating and cooking to the streets of Boston. The bike will be handing out samples, magazines, and will be having fun activities for kids!


ChopChop: Have you tested it out? Is it hard to drive?

Joey: I did get to test it out. I got to ride it the day it was completed. The bike is very comfortable and not hard to drive. The only thing that was challenging for me was holding onto one bar as opposed to having two separate handles.


ChopChop: Where can we find the ChopChop Bike this summer?

Joey: All over the place. Farmers markets, parades, shows, you name it!




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