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Tiny Pie

Tiny Pie, by Mark Bailey and Michael Oatman is the story of little Ellie the elephant: bored, alone and instructed to stay out of the way at her parents’ grown-up party. Hungry, Ellie wanders into the kitchen to find a snack, only to discover that she is not tall enough to reach the counter and not strong enough to open the fridge. Feeling sad and small, Ellie is about to give up when she spots a hole in the wall. Peering in, Ellie sees a spectacular sight: a group of mice filming a cooking show! She watches delightedly as the mice make and then present her with a tiny pie. Ellie and her new tiny friends have their own tiny party, until Ellie, happy and full of pie, falls fast asleep on the kitchen floor. The next day, Ellie and her parents spend the afternoon making pies, “And they baked happily ever after…”. You too can bake happily ever after with Alice Water’s Tiny Apple Pie recipe at the end of the book — just in time for Thanksgiving. Click here to order.

By Lauren Sampson

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