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Thoughtful Gift Giving


I don’t know about you, but when my own children were small I had very mixed feelings about how to help them become gift givers. I wanted them to be bighearted and thoughtful, but not wasteful. I wanted their gifts to mean something, but not everything. I started by bankrolling their purchases and later felt they needed to have some skin in the game. I encouraged them to really think about the recipient: their grandfather loved all things grapefruit; their grandmother, photographs of them; their cousins, anything silly. But I also wanted them to think about gifts that reflected who they were. 

We landed, of course, on edible gifts, and that’s what we’re recommending in our Winter issue this year. We especially like recipes that feel a little complicated but are actually almost effortless. In order of effort: we’ve got ways to flavor the most basic of mustards; a Make-It-Your-Way Salad Dressing that you literally shake up in a jar; Buttermilk Pancake Mix; and the only one that involves an oven, Date-Nut Bread (perfect to give as a gift or to cut into sandwiches and serve with tea). 

Of course, most anything delicious can be a gift—even the many international soups in this issue. And please don’t worry about being fancy: wrap your gifts with butcher paper, old comics, maps, fabric, whatever suits you. Or simply tie on a bow and offer it up. 

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Happy Holidays and Happy ChopChopping! 
Sally Sampson

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