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The importance of eating healthy food

By Clare Thompson, ChopChop Kid Advisory Board Member

What is healthy food? There is no right answer because nutrition is so complicated, and every pro seems to have a con. Some people say that eating raw kale can cause cancer because of the kale’s natural protection, but others say that it can prevent it. Some people say that it is really bad to eat red meat because of environmental and health impacts, others say that it is good for your blood because of all the iron. Although it can be confusing, there are some guidelines to help people make good decisions about what they eat.

Here are the guidelines that I try to follow:

  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies are important for so many reasons — fiber and vitamins just for starters.
  • Eat in moderation. What I have learned is that the key is moderation. Sure, I like a good cheeseburger, but I don’t eat one every other day. Our family tries to eat red meat only once week.
  • Watch your sugar intake. Monitoring your sugar intake is a big part of eating healthy. It’s okay to eat sweets occasionally, but having a milkshake at lunch and a cookie at dinner for example, is not the best.

Eating healthy food is good for your body and it tastes amazing! It is good for your body because you are eating food with nutrients that benefit your body. Plus, healthy food tastes better. Have you ever had an egg straight from the farm? The yolk is almost orange and the taste is delicious. A fresh apple tastes so much better than applesauce from a jar.

My number one guideline and the key to happy and healthy eating: Take time to cook and to eat. Enjoy your food! Eat with friends and have fun cooking.

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