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The Dinner Chart

By Clare Thompson, ChopChop Kid Advisory Board Member

Coming up with a menu for dinner can be challenging, especially a dinner that the entire family wants to eat. To help you with your dinner menu, I present to you the Dinner Chart.


The Dinner Chart is something that you can use with your family so that everyone has input! There are five sections of the chart: protein, vegetable, grain, sauce, and sweet. Each section has six different options for you to choose from, so you can mix and match. An example of a menu you could pull together with the grid is a green salad, pesto pasta with white beans, and mango lassis for dessert. If you want, you can also make your own Dinner Charts, using ingredients and recipes that your family loves. My family and I basically use this chart every night. It is such a helpful way to make the perfect dinner. Shopping with my family is one of my favorite things to do. If you haven’t discovered the fun of the grocery store, try it! Checking out all of the food options is such a great feeling. Please use this grid as a starting point and add all of your favorite ingredients to create your own grid. The best part about this grid is that you can personalize it to all of the food you and your family love! Enjoy!

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