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The Big Picnic


Here at ChopChop, we love a good picnic. And Sunday’s virtual community Big Picnic was no exception! We had hundreds of people “join” us and over 150 photos and links were shared on Sunday. The goal of The Big Picnic was to encourage families to cook together, and then share photos and recipes as a way to inspire and learn from each other. So what did you all bring to the picnic? Here’s just sampling:

Thanks to our amazing picnic partners including The White House Chefs (have you made these Peanut Butter Granola Bars yet??), Let’s Move, Partnership for Healthier America, Shannon & Ray Allen, Center for Science in the Public Interest, Food Day, Le Creuset, The Mission List and so many fabulous bloggers.  Check out some of their yummy recipes, heart-warming and inspiring stories about cooking with kids:

O Boy Organic
Lil Burghers
It’s Not Like a Cat
Sweet Nicks
Skate Mamas
Back to Allen
Sassafrass Blog
Never a Dull Moment
Not a Super Mom
Real Food Real Deals

Did you miss the picnic? Don’t worry! The Picnic doesn’t have to end. You can have a picnic anywhere – in your living room, in your backyard for breakfast, on the beach for dinner. We encourage families to keep cooking real food together and to keep sharing your stories, pictures and recipes! 

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