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Summer Cooking Adventures of a Novice Cook

Summer is a great time to teach kids to cook while honing your own cooking skills. Relaxed schedules and lots of farm-fresh produce can make cooking with kids fun and delicious. Which is exactly what Stacy Ciaravella, Business Development Director at ChopChop, has decided to do. A self-proclaimed  “really novice” cook, Stacy is finding cooking with her one-year-old to be fun and rewarding (albeit a little messy at times). Check out her thoughts on why it’s worth getting in the kitchen with kids, no matter how old your kids are — or how new you are to cooking.

As the daughter of a vehement non-cook, sharing family kitchen-time fun (or simple know-how) is a new experience for me. Here, a snapshot of my 13-month old son, as we passed a rainy day away, learning, laughing and eating. Spending time together mixing and getting messy shed aspirations for a journey of culinary independence and joy – his and mine.

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