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Something on a Stick Day

Here at ChopChop, we celebrate healthy and delicious food everyday.  We love when there’s even more reason to celebrate, with a wacky, fun food holiday.  March has many food holidays. We’ll be celebrating all month long and giving you ideas on ways to celebrate with us and of course, some recipes to try with your family! 

March 28 is “Something on A Stick Day.”  There’s something really fun about eating food on a stick.  Some of our favorite “somethings on a stick” are Kiwisicles and Breakfast Kabobs.  Plus, we have Greek Salad Kabobs! Did you know you could stack salad on a stick? Yum!


Frozen fruit on a stick makes a healthy and easy popsicle. These couldn’t be simpler — or more coolingly beautiful! You can make “-sicles” with other fruit of course: melon balls, strawberries, pineapple chunks. Got friends coming over? These are fun and easy to make for a crowd. 

Breakfast Kabobs

Fruit salad is even better when it’s on a stick! And it’s fun to make. What other fruits do you like? You can add those, too. (Skewers are sharp, so you’ll need a grown-up’s help. Or you can use wooden ice-pop sticks, if all your fruit is nice and soft.)

Greek Salad Kabobs 

Try salad on a stick-really!  Of course you could simply make a salad, but this is more fun, and the kabobs make delightfully unusual afterschool snacks or perfectly cheerful summer appetizers. If you like bell peppers, feel free to add those too! 

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