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Siena Farms Kids’ Share 2016, Week 8: Roasted Fall Favorites

This week’s share featured some classic fall fruits and vegetables: Purple-Top Turnips, Baby Red Russian Kale, Peter Wilcox Potatoes, Bolero Carrots, Shallots, Apples, Delicata Squash, and Sage. This week’s surprise was a mini-whisk.

Roasting vegetables is a valuable kitchen skill to learn. If you have roasted vegetables before, you’ll notice that they look different after a long roast in the oven. For instance, the color changes to a caramel brown, the taste becomes juicy and loaded with flavor, and the texture becomes soft, and sometimes creamy when you take a bite.

The best part about roasting—it’s so easy! With the Roasted Fall Favorites recipe, you can choose any of your favorite vegetables. We used turnips, potatoes, shallots, and squash, added olive oil and salt, and put in the hot oven—simple and delicious. This recipe is also a great side dish or alternative to the ChopChop Cooking Club Roast Chicken Challenge.

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