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Siena Farms Kids’ Share 2016, Week 3: Eating the Rainbow

We love to eat the rainbow, which means filling your plate with as many colors as possible! The third week of the Siena Farms Kids’ Share was filled with a rainbow of vegetables including: Beefsteak Tomatoes, Zephyr Summer Squash, Black Bell Eggplant, Pink Bell Eggplant, Cucumber, Lunchbox Peppers, Green Oakleaf Lettuce, Garlic, and Mint.

Roasted Eggplant Tomato Ratatouille seemed to be the perfect recipe to make with the Kids’ Share. We love ratatouille because you can customize the ingredients. For example, we included the Lunchbox peppers in our recipe! Ratatouille is awesome because it can be served hot or cold, by itself, or add it into other meals like eggs, pasta, rice, chicken and more!

One thing to be aware of when making Ratatoille is the amount the vegetables shrink when they are being roasted. It may seem like a lot of vegetables at first, but you’d be surprised at how much they shrivel up! Check out these before and after photos:

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