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Siena Farms Kids’ Share 2016, Week 12: Thanksgiving!

This is our last week receiving the Siena Farms Kids’ Share. This week, we are using our share to prepare dishes for a special holiday—Thanksgiving! Our Kids’ Share included Honeynut Squash, Leeks, Carrots, Savoy Cabbage, Purple-Top Turnip, Salanova Lettuce, Shallots, and Apples. The surprise was a kid’s chef’s knife. This is a great share for holiday side dishes.

To start your meal, make our tasty Butternut Squash and Apple Soup using Honeynut Squash (or any type of autumn squash) and apples. Use Purple-Top Turnips for ChopChop’s Roasted Turnips recipe. You can also add in carrots and leeks for extra flavor!

Looking to roast a turkey for your Thankgiving feast? Get some practice by joining the ChopChop Cooking Club! Complete the Roast Chicken Challenge and become a Rad Roaster—you’ll be very prepared to roast the turkey!

It has been a wonderful and delicious season filled with tasty fruits and vegetables from the farm. For the past 12 weeks, we have enjoyed a quarter bushel of in-season produce and blogged about what we are cooking with it. If you like to eat seasonally, go to local markets in your neighborhood throughout the year, and check back for more recipes!

Happy Thanksgiving from our table to yours!

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