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Our 5% Day Goal & What We Plan To Do With The Profits

We’re exciting for our upcoming 5% Day with Whole Foods Markets. If you shop in any of the listed Whole Foods Market stores on that day, ChopChop will receive 5% of what you spend.

We’re hoping to raise $100,000 for ChopChop. What do we plan to do with the money?

We’ll use the proceeds toward the ChopChop Test Kitchen.

Funding our Test Kitchen will mean that we are able to offer hands-on cooking instruction to teach fundamental cooking skills and the health benefits of eating real food. We understand the importance of creating an environment where kids and families build confidence and life-long skills. We’ll also be able to host community events in our space, test out new recipes, and host photo shoots.

We’ll fund nutrition workshops and cooking demonstrations for families.

We host classes, demos, and workshops in schools, at after-care, at local YMCAs/Boys and Girls Clubs, community centers, and festivals. We’re hoping to increase these educational opportunities to spread the love of cooking throughout our community.

We’ll distribute copies of ChopChop to families in need.

We know that the families that need ChopChop the most often cannot afford a subscription. We want to get our message of healthy cooking and eating real food together to even more families this year. With the profits from 5% Day, we’ll be able to donate magazines to families, classrooms, and doctors.

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