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On The Road

By Lily Stewart

Have you ever been on a long trip and you are really hungry? I have! Eating on a trip is not always healthy, mostly because fast food restaurants are easy to stop at on a long road trip. There’s a solution to this problem! The answer is: choose something you like to eat and make it ahead of time. You could make a quick recipe, like Crunchy Celery Sticks or a Turkey Wrap with Lemony Hummus and Cheese.

ChopChop has many recipes that are fast as well as delicious. Even my Dad, who is always in a rush, would eat these recipes. Recently, I went with my Dad on a road trip in his semi-truck. When I was with him, we had to eat, so I’d like to tell you about the options. Some truck stops had great food, like one night for dinner I had steak and green beans. Another night I had fish, green beans, and a salad bar.

Back to traveling—before you leave on a trip make sure you eat something that’ll give you lots of energy so that you’re not hungry later on. Also, ask your parent if you can buy some fruit to snack on like pears or apples. On my trip, I ate pears almost every day for breakfast. My favorite breakfast is oatmeal, and if you add dried fruit, it tastes amazing! Another travel tip is for planes, which usually serve you drinks and a snack. Peanuts are a great choice because nuts are full of protein and give you lots of energy.

Wow! Traveling is hard! Keep looking for new ways to solve your traveling problems. I had a fun time writing this, and I hope you enjoyed my writing as well.  Thank you for reading, and happy traveling!

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