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National Picnic Day

Spring has officially been here for a few weeks, and it looks like Mother Nature finally agrees that it’s time for the flowers to start blooming. After being cooped up all winter, enjoy the short-sleeve weather and spend some time eating outside, on a picnic blanket, just in time for National Picnic Day on April 23.  These 8 recipes can be served cold, travel well, and taste best eaten on a blanket under the sun and in the grass.  If April showers keep you stuck indoors, have a picnic in your family room on the floor.

Tarragon Chicken Salad

Tarragon was used by the Greeks as early as 500 BC. They used it as a cure for toothaches! This salad is great as a sandwich or on top of a green salad. 



Tabbouleh (Tuh-BOO-lee), also spelled tabouli, comes from the word tabboula, which means “Middle Eastern Cookery” in Arabic. Tabbouleh is originally form the mountains of Syria and Lebanon. 



Get all of your healthy hues in one fabulous sandwich!




This easy salad is like a cross between a slaw and a pickle. It makes a nice, simple snack or side dish, but it’s also great in a sandwich or taco or on burger.



If you like salsa, you’ll like gazpacho. Sometimes called a liquid salad, gazpacho come from Spain but is served in Portugal and Latin American countries too! 



Doesn’t the word “confetti” give you a happy kind of parade feeling? Us too. Orzo is a small rice-shaped pasta that’s fun to eat. Get whole-wheat orzo if you can find it, since it’s more flavorful and healthy.



Of course you could simply make a salad, but this is more fun, and the kabobs make delightfully unusual afterschool snacks or perfectly cheerful summer appetizers. If you like bell peppers, feel free to add those too!



At the start of summer, all you need is a cold wedge of watermelon and a big smile. But if you start to crave something different later in the season, try this savory salad. It might sound weird to mix melon and vegetables, but we think you’ll like it.


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