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National Pack Your Lunch Day

March 10th is National Pack Your Lunch Day!  Does your family pack lunch for work or school?  Even if you don’t usually bring your own lunch, use today to test out some quick and easy recipes that are packable, delicious, and can be served cold so you don’t have to heat them up. Be careful, though-these lunches are so good that someone might ask you to share! 

Parmesan Yogurt with Carrots 

Zesty dip turns carrots into something special. Of course, if you run out of carrots, you could use another favorite vegetable. Greek yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt, which is why we use it here. You can get Greek yogurt at most supermarkets. 

Turkey Wrap with Lemony Hummus and Cheese 

Why is a wrap more fun than a sandwich? We don’t know, but it sure is. Lavash is a Middle-Eastern flat bread that is often topped with sesame seeds. Multi-grain tortillas are a perfect substitute.

Tarragon Chicken Salad 

Tarragon was used by the Greeks as early as 500 BC. They used it as a cure for toothaches! This salad is great as a sandwich or on top of a green salad. 

Carrot Salad

This easy salad is like a cross between a slaw and a pickle. It makes a nice, simple snack or side dish, but it’s also great in a sandwich or taco or on burger. 

Confetti Orzo Salad 

Doesn’t the word “confetti” give you a happy kind of parade feeling? Us too. Orzo is a small rice-shaped pasta that’s fun to eat. Get whole-wheat orzo if you can find it, since it’s more flavorful and healthy

Bolder Tuna

Tuna with mayo is tasty, but here’s a fresh idea with apples, pickles and celery. If you like big flavor, this is for you!  Try wrapping your tuna in a lettuce wrap instead of bread for a healthier and more colorful lunch. 

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