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Most Important Step In Cooking By Janie Wilson

Food Shopping

Let’s talk food shopping. Some people say that preparing food is the most important part of cooking, but in my opinion, the meal planning is the most important step in cooking. Everything is based on what you have in the refrigerator and how well you can meal plan. So when entering the endless world of a grocery store, you are well prepared for anything. In order to not get overwhelmed in the delicious world we call a grocery store, you can follow these three easy steps.  

Step 1: The plan
When planning to go food shopping, stop and think: “what do I want for dinner this week?” I love to check out my favorite recipe sites like ChopChop Magazine to get healthy and flavorful ideas. Once you plan what meals you want to make, write down the ingredients needed for that recipe. This step is used to make sure you are not buying more than needed.

Step #2: The extras

I know that just the ingredients for your meals won’t be enough food. This means you should buy a few healthy snacks that can be eaten throughout the week. This step is used to keep from eating mindlessly just because you’re hungry and you have the items at hand. Just remember—you only need enough food for the week. It is best to shop the outside perimeter of the store because this is where you find your fresh and healthy foods.

Step #3: In and Out

After making the perfect grocery list, you’re ready for the battlefield, the moment you’ve been waiting for…the store. Just remember stick to the list in order to live a healthy lifestyle and save money.


Janie Wilson is a member of the ChopChop Kid’s Advisory Board.

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