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We’re excited to introduce our new ChopChop Kids Advisory Board (KAB). This group of cool kids was hand-selected from kids that applied. They’ll help us to test recipes, think of new ideas for the magazine, and make sure ChopChop gets the kid approval. For the next few weeks, we’ll be spotlighting different members of the board. 

This week, meet Quintyn! In addition to cooking Quintyn likes to play video games and eat dumplings. 

Name: Quintyn

Location: Massachusetts

 Who taught you how to cook? My Aunt TeeTa (Cynthia) by making cornbread

 What is something all kids should learn to cook? How to make toast

Do you have any advice for kids just learning to cook and who may be nervous? Don’t be afraid of the fire, it is your friend.  Keep on practicing 

My favorite food is: Dumplings 

If I was a vegetable or fruit I would be: Cherry

What I love about ChopChop is: You make new recipes

Something I didn’t use to like to eat, but I do now is: Cherries

My favorite thing to cook is: Basil Chicken Fried Rice

The first thing I ever cooked was: Cornbread

A fun fact about me: I have been the tallest in my class since first grade

What I want to be when I grow up: A YouTuber

My favorite ChopChop recipe is: Hot Honey Lemon

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