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We’re excited to introduce our new ChopChop Kids Advisory Board (KAB). This group of cool kids was hand-selected from kids that applied. They’ll help us to test recipes, think of new ideas for the magazine, and make sure ChopChop gets the kid approval. For the next few weeks we’ll be spotlighting different members of the board. 

This week, meet HaileyIn her free time she likes to volunteer, play volleyball and tennis, and do Zen Doodle coloring.

The Questions:

Name: Hailey

Location: KY

Age and Grade: 13, 8th grade

How I got involved with the ChopChop Kids Advisory Board: I started to really enjoy cooking and I began to want to be more involved in it. Then someone recommended ChopChop. After that, I started reading their magazines and keeping up to date with chopchop. When I found out that they were looking for new/more KAB members, I was thrilled and was even more excited when I found out that I had been chosen. 

Who taught you how to cook? My grandma Lita

What is something all kids should learn to cook? Pasta because you can start with something easy and then expand your level of difficulty and make it your to your own liking. For example, you can add shrimp, chicken, and sauces.

Do you have any advice for kids just learning to cook and who may be nervous? It’s okay to be nervous and even mess up. When that happens, you just have to get back up and try again. You can also start with simple recipes and work your way up to more difficult recipes.

My favorite food is: Smoothie because there are endless options. You can use so many different ingredients. It also gives you a chance to experiment, try new recipes, and create recipes and combinations of your own.

If I was a vegetable or fruit I would be: Banana. I also adding bananas to things such as yogurt, granola, a topping as ice cream, and making recipes with bananas like banana bread.

What I love about ChopChop is: You get to make recipes and share them with your friends, family, and others. You also get to try new things.

Something I didn’t used to like to eat, but I do now is: Black beans. I learned to like black beans through ChopChop because I tried different recipes that used black beans. My favorite thing to add black beans in is a quesadilla.

My favorite thing to cook is: Chicken fried rice because you get to make multiple things like the chicken, rice, and veggies. Then you get to combine all of those delicious ingredients to make a fantastic dish. It’s also something everyone in my family likes, so I like making the dish and sharing it with them.

The first thing I ever cooked was: Sugar cookies with my grandma on Christmas when I was little. That’s what got me interested in cooking and baking.

My secret ingredient is: Olive oil. I believe that it helps make a great sautéed vegetables, perfect quesadillas, and can be used to flavor many other dishes.


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