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We’re excited to introduce our ChopChop Kids Advisory Board (KAB). This group of cool kids was hand selected from kids that applied. They’ll help us to test recipes, think of new ideas for the magazine, and make sure ChopChop gets the kid approval. For the next few weeks we’ll be spotlighting different members of the board. This week, meet Lily.

When she’s not cooking you can find Lily cheerleading, practicing gymnastics, playing softball, and making crafts. We’re excited to have Lily on our board! Learn more about her below.

Name: Lily Rose Stewart 

Location: Michigan

Age and Grade: 10, 5th grade 

How I got involved with the Chop Chop Kids Advisory Board: One day I was looking at ChopChop online when I saw an advertisement for the Kids Advisory Board. Then I filled the form out and sent it in. A few days later I got the email that said I was accepted into the board and I was really excited! 

What I love about ChopChop: They encourage me and so many other people to eat healthy  

My favorite food is: My favorites are avocados, mangos, tomatoes and watermelon. also I love hamburger.

If I was a fruit, I would be: I would be a watermelon.

My favorite thing to cook is: My favorite thing to cook is everything! I especially like to cook new recipes. 

My advice for kids just learning to cook and who may be nervous is:

The first thing I ever cooked was: My first thing I cooked was scrambled eggs that turned out way too runny.

A time I messed up a recipe was: One time I was making a scrambled eggs recipe and it called for some thyme but I put in Rosemary instead! I didn’t tell my parents so they said it tasted really good. But what’s really funny is that they still don’t know what I did! 

Something I didn’t used to like to eat, but I do now, is: When I was little I loved bananas but then I started to not like bananas. Now I have started liking bananas again!

What I want to be when I grow up: I want to be a nurse when I grow up. I got my idea from my grandpa who is a doctor!






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