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JR Hirsch

Lunch Box Blues

Food editor for The Associated Press J.M. Hirsch brings us “Lunch Box Blues”, his blog dedicated to chronicling his 8-year old son Parker’s lunches. Here’s an excerpt:

“Because I refuse to send my son to school with a Lunchable. Or an Uncrustable. Or even a day-after-day-after-day homemade PB&J. Because I want my son’s lunch to be fun and nutritious, and I don’t think one must be sacrificed for the other. Because I don’t believe in “kid food” vs. “adult food,” just real food. And because I believe kids can enjoy and crave it.

Not that it’s easy. Or that my son is an eating angel. At the moment, nothing green goes past his lips. And red — especially tomatoes — is pretty suspect, too. Salad? I. Don’t. Think. So.

But I do my best. And most of the time we’re both pretty satisfied. Some days more than others.

This blog is a simple record of my son’s lunches. The good, bad and really ugly. Maybe it will inspire other parents. Probably it will inspire a bit of eye rolling.”

His recipes are healthy, fun, and simple and accompanied by colorful photos and personal musings. We love it. And think you will too.

– Lauren Sampson

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