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Lively Leftovers

By Aleeza Riaz, ChopChop Kid Advisory Board Member


Imagine that there is half of a roast chicken in the fridge. ChopChop’s “Herby Roast Chicken” is a perfect recipe to try and the leftovers are packed with flavor. What should you do with the remaining pieces? You can shred the leftover chicken to make chicken pot pie, and even sandwiches that can go wherever you go. Also, these leftovers can be lively because you can make a soup, add them to a salad, and even make a curry. Lastly, you could use your leftovers with other meats including turkey, ham, beef, or lamb.


With various vegetable leftovers, the possibilities are endless! In the meat sandwiches, vegetables add a different texture or flavor, and even more nutrition. To continue, with cut up vegetables that were used as an appetizer, you could make smoothies or veggie bowls. Furthermore, with vegetable leftovers you could make ChopChop’s “All Kale Caesar”, “Any Vegetable Easy-Crust Pizza”, or the “Baked Vegetable Frittata”. Lastly, a hearty vegetable soup could also be the way to go!


Carbohydrates consist of pasta, bread, rice, quinoa, and more grains. With excess bread or dinner rolls, you could make a bread pudding, or even ChopChop’s “Baked Apple French Toast”. With leftover pasta, an idea for the next day could be a pasta salad, or a pasta bake. Furthermore, with leftover rice or quinoa you could invent your own type of fried rice or add the rice to a meat curry that would utilize both meats and grains.

In conclusion, leftover food that you may not want to eat for a few days in a row could actually turn into something new, unique, and inventive that you, your friends, and family would love.

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