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Incorporating a Smoothie Into Your Everyday Life

By Janie Wilson

Now that we are about three months into 2017, I think it is important to assess where we stand with our goals and resolutions. Whether your goal is exercising more or trying new foods, we all want to improve something about our self so we can be the best we can. One way to help you improve your lifestyle is to start making smoothies. Smoothies are not only delicious, healthy, and filling, but they are a great way to start the day off.

There are many different things you can put in your smoothie ranging from some nice fresh strawberries to some protein-packed almonds. They are not only fun to eat but fun to make. When looking for creative ways to make a smoothie check out Chop Chop’s own smoothie recipe, Banana Cream Pie Smoothie.  Cinnamon and vanilla make this wholesome shake taste like dessert – but it’s also loaded with energy-boosting nutrients from the bananas, almonds, and yogurt. As Chop Chop says “Pie in a glass. Yes, please!”

Don’t believe me that smoothies are good for you? Studies show that fruit smoothies provide essential vitamins and minerals. Adding vegetables to any smoothie and you can have your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. In addition to fruit, I love to add spinach and kale. Smoothies help your body with digestion and help build muscle. Between brain growth and energy boosts, smoothies give kids what they need for a great start to the day or after school!

My family incorporates smoothies into their lives every day, and everyone has their favorite way. My mom’s favorite ingredients to put in her smoothies are pears, spinach, kale, banana, pineapple, and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. My sister even likes to put yogurt in her smoothie. So what I’m trying to get at here is that there are so many things you can put in a smoothie, so just go and try one today!

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