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Happy Pi Day!

March 14 is Pi Day-the celebration of the number Pi.  Pi starts with the digits 3.14 so we celebrate on 3/14, or March 14.  A lot of people celebrate Pi Day by eating pie, even though “pie” with an “e” has a different meaning. We’re celebrating by making these three pie-inspired smoothies: Banana Cream Pie Smoothie, Apple Pie Smoothie, and Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. They make great breakfast sides, snacks, or desserts.  Plus, you can practice math skills like measuring and converting while cooking to celebrate the math side of Pi Day. Click on each smoothie name for the full recipe. 

Banana Cream Pie Smoothie

Cinnamon and vanilla make this wholesome shake taste like dessert – but then it’s loaded with energy-boosting nutrients from the bananas, almonds and yogurt. Pie in a glass. Yes, please!

Apple Pie Smoothie

This smoothie has protein-rich almonds and yogurt, to give you lots of energy—and the cinnamon and vanilla gives it a rich sweetness that might remind you of a favorite dessert! 


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Like most orange-colored vegetables, pumpkin is packed with vitamin A, which keeps your eyes super-healthy! And luckily you can just open a can of pumpkin instead of cooking your jack-o’-lantern. With its vanilla and spice flavors, this smoothie tastes like pie in a glass.

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