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Happy Father’s Day AND The First Day of Summer!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! This year Father’s Day happens to align with the first official day of summer, so there are two reasons to celebrate with a great dinner.  Tonight have kids be the chefs, with a help of an older sibling or another parent, and eat outside to celebrate the warm weather. 

These five dinner recipes are easy for kids of all ages to help make with the help of another adult or older sibling.  We picked things that will keep your family cool in the sun and celebrate the flavors of summer. 

 Craving something else? Look through the recipes section of our website for some more ideas. 


We usually think of soup as being served hot, but gazpacho is a cold summer soup.  If you like salsa, you’ll like gazpacho. Sometimes called a liquid salad, gazpacho come from Spain but is served in Portugal and Latin American countries too! This makes a great first course for any summer meal.



Nothing says “summer” like a sun-warmed, fresh tomato. If your family doesn’t want gazpacho with dinner, try this tomato salad. Or, if you really like tomatoes, have both! This recipe needs some adult help with cutting, but kids can do most of the other work themselves, since it requires no cooking.



Tabbouleh (Tuh-BOO-lee), also spelled tabouli, comes from the word tabboula, which means “Middle Eastern Cookery” in Arabic. Tabbouleh  is a great summer salad. The bulgar needs to be prepped a few hours in advance of dinner, but once it’s soft, this salad is a snap for kids to make.



Fish Tacos make a fun family meal because everyone gets to personalize their own.  Kids can help prep all of the ingredients (with help from an adult with the chopping) and set up the table as a taco bar for dad (and the rest of the family) to put together their taco.  If you don’t have (or like) all the taco bar fixings, just use what you do!  This cabbage slaw (link is one of our favorite taco toppings and can also be eaten as a side salad.


Of course a lazy Sunday first-day-of summer dinner has to end with a cool-down dessert.  Kids willneed some help using the blender, but can do most of the other steps on their own.  These popsicles are made with real fruit and fruit juice and are the perfect finish to a double holiday.


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