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Happy 5th Birthday ChopChop: 5 Birthday Themed Cooking Parties

This year is ChopChop’s 5th birthday, so we’re throwing a party of course. We’ll be celebrating all year long, and so should you! A cooking birthday party is one of our favorite ways to celebrate. It’s a great way to foster the love of cooking. Plus it’s fun with lots of built-in activities, such as make your own pizzas, build your own parfait at a parfait bar, or make your own kebabs. Here are 5 ideas for your own cooking party!


  1. Parfait Party 

Just as fun and delicious as an ice cream sundae bar, but healthier. Plus, it doesn’t melt, so guests can take their parfaits home for “later” snack. This is also a great idea for birthday  sleepovers since parfaits make a great breakfast.  Line up cups, spoons, yogurt, granola, nuts, chopped fruits, and berries and let everyone create their own perfect parfait. 

  1. Make-Your-Own-Pizza Night

Who doesn’t love a pizza party? At yours, party guests will be able to top theirs with whatever they like.  Have pre-made dough or a personal sized pizza crust for each guest.  Put out tomato sauce, pesto,  cheese, cut up vegetables, meats, and maybe even fruits like pineapple for a Hawaiian Pizza!

  1. Let Us Party Lettuce Wraps 

This party meal is easy for guests to assemble and personalize. It makes a great lunch or dinner. Plus, since you’ll prep the ingredients, there’s no cooking time involved for guests.  Give everyone a few large pieces of soft leaved lettuce and have all of the fillings inside little bowls.  We like to include shredded chicken or tofu, shredded cabbage, grated carrots, green beans, herbs, peanuts (if no one is allergic), soy sauce, and lime juice.  Everyone can personalize their own, and roll it up around the filling, like a burrito.



4. Fun Fruit Kebabs

There’s something totally fun about eating food off of a stick.  These fruit kebabs are a great party snack or breakfast after a sleepover party. Have a variety of cut fruits for guests to choose from. Give each guest a skewer or two and get stacking!  We like to include kiwis, bananas, apples, melon, strawberries, grapes, and pears, but there a ton more fruits to include! This can also be done with vegetables for a salad kebab .

5. Blend Your Own Smoothie Bar

Think warm thoughts and have a tropical themed party with smoothies.  Put out different types of fruits, yogurts, nut butters (if no one is allergic) and fruit juices for guests to pick from. ChopChop has a ton of different smoothie recipes or you can make up your own! Make sure to have a couple of blenders on the table or counter so you don’t have to keep washing the same one between each smoothie.

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