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Go Wild About School Lunch by Maxwell Surprenant

It’s back-to-school which means back to school lunches. I recently had a chance to check out the new Wild Kratts lunch totes. These lunch totes sport characters from the popular show Wild Kratts on PBS Kids. The show is about two brothers named Chris and Martin Kratt, real life zoologists who have a mission to protect animals and the environment. The show is aimed at teaching kids how small actions make a difference.

I think pre-school and elementary kids will love the bold colors, strong characters, animals, and playful nature. Parents like the totes because it makes packing lunches and snacks easy and fun. The totes are fully insulated, lightweight, and fit easily in a backpack. These totes are available exclusively at Whole Foods Market. In addition, it reinforces an important message, and empowers kids to take action. 

One action kids can take is helping with packing school lunch. My favorite sandwich is turkey and cucumber on whole wheat bread. I also suggest packing quesadillas, like ChopChop’s egg quesadilla. I always pack some kind of fruit like an apple, orange, or banana to have at lunch or later. Cut up carrots are good, and you can pack a some three bean or lima bean hummus in a separate container. I find that I learn best when I eat healthy. Remember to pack healthy foods because kids need energy for school, play, and protecting our planet.

– Max


Maxwell Surprenant is a member of the ChopChop Kid Advisory Board.

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