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From The White House to Our House

We have some exciting news that I’m beyond happy to share: As you probably know, Bill Yosses, aka The Crustmaster, has stepped down from his position as the White House pastry chef. This is very sad for the Obama’s (though maybe good for the President’s cholesterol) and great for ChopChop Kids: Bill has just joined us to be the Director of the ChopChop Cooking Lab, an initiative to introduce hands-on cooking instruction and nutritional literacy as an innovative means to address the childhood obesity epidemic.  Or think of it this way: the Cooking Lab is like taking ChopChop Magazine off the page and into the classroom/after school.
Bill didn’t leave the White House because, as many pundits have claimed, First Lady Michelle Obama forced him not to cook with sugar. On the contrary, he embraced her ideas. His interest in linking healthy food with delicious food began while working with her and her Let’s Move initiative. Bill was instrumental in establishing the White House Kitchen Garden and has a particular interest in weaving in both gardening and science. He realized that he wanted to pair his skills in the kitchen with his passion for science and get kids excited about both. The ChopChop Cooking Lab is about showing kids the joy that comes from cooking. 
Bill’s first project as ChopChop Cooking Lab Director is to develop and run a series of cooking classes at select Boys & Girls Clubs in MA. The first one launched last week at the Boys and Girls Club in Worcester MA and it was a huge success. Every day the kids learned something new: whether how to emulsify a dressing, make a quesadilla or try both dried and fresh figs for the first time, every day was exciting and educational.
Funded by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation, the ChopChop Cooking Lab will teach 8-12 year olds essential cooking skills, while integrating concepts in math, science, language arts and social studies.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions!
Get cooking!!

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