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Food Day Activity for Kids: Make Your Own Applesauce!


Food Day is a chance for everyone to come together, celebrate real food and inspire Americans to change their diets and our food policies through events, conversation and action. There are plenty of ways to get involved: attend a Food Day event, join the #FoodDayChat twitter chat, or introduce a cooking lesson in your child’s school.

Here’s a fun and easy cooking lesson you can introduce to kids as young as preschool to 5th grade – how to make your own applesauce. It teaches kids essential cooking skills such as how to peel, core, chop, measure, stir and mash. Plus it’s a great way to teach kids where our food comes and the benefits of Eating Real! So let’s get started!

Day prior:

  • Read over ChopChop’s Applesauce recipe and shop for ingredients (each recipe serves four, roughly one apple per child)
  • Make half a batch of ChopChop’s Applesauce (do not mash as you will have the kids complete this step) and store in an airtight container 
  • Gather equipment and supplies
  • Confirm parent volunteers

Day of:

  • Set up a peeling station (two peelers, plus receptacle for compost or trash), a coring and chopping station (two cutting boards, two plastic knives, two apple slicers), a measuring station (measuring cups and measuring spoons) and a mashing station (1-2 potato mashers and pre-made applesauce in large bowls
  • Introduce kids to the recipe and review instructions
  • Have kids wash hands and divide class equally among stations
  • Have kids complete each activity at each station (should take 2-3 minutes per child) and rotate until each child has visited each station
  • While applesauce is cooking, have kids sample from the pre-made batch. Ask them how it tastes and which step was their favorite!
  • Challenge students to cook with their families at least once a week!
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