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Five Ways To Get Moving

It’s ChopChop 5th Birthday and we’re proud to have been getting kids in the kitchen for five years. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our Founding Partner New Balance Foundation. In each issue, New Balance brings our readers ways to stay active.  With warm weather just around the corner, it will be even more fun to go outside and get moving.  In honor of our 5th birthday, here are our five favorite ways to get moving.

  1. Playground Games-We had fun with our friends at Playworks hula-hooping, hop-scotching jump roping, and playing red ball games on the playground. We love these games because you don’t need a lot of equipment, they get your heart pumping, they teach hand-eye coordination and most importantly, they’re fun. Plus you can play them with your class at recess or neighbors after school.

  1. Yoga-During our yoga shoot, a lot of our models were new to yoga. But Yoga instructor, Mary Thomas, showed the kids how easy it was to do it in your own home.  Yoga is a great way form of exercise that make your muscles stronger, your balance better, and your mind calmer. No yoga mat? No problem! Our models used towels and blankets. You can also do yoga outdoors once it warms up.

  1. Dance Party – Sometimes all it takes is the right music to get your body moving. There are lots of different dance styles to choose from and there are so many health benefits including cardiovascular, balance and coordination. Plus what can be more fun than grabbing a bunch of friends and grooving to your favorite tunes?

  1. Soccer-There’s nothing more fun than kicking the ball around with your friends. Soccer is a fun way to get a lot of people involved and you only really need one thing-the ball.  (You can create make-shift goal boundaries with cones, water bottles, jackets, or whatever you have on hand.) Plus there are plenty of games you can play using a soccer ball to improve speed, agility, passing and balance.

  1. Running-Have a lot of energy? Running is great exercise and almost anyone can do it: You don’t need special equipment or a team or coach. Just lace up some sturdy sneakers and go! Don’t want to go too far? Have relay races with your friends on your block or in your backyard. Sometimes it’s nice to release some energy by going on a jog with your family. You can run in all sorts of other games, too-from base to base in kickball or baseball, down the court in basketball, or across the field in lacrosse. 


In every issue of ChopChop, find a new, fun way to get moving.  Don’t get ChopChop in your mailbox? Subscribe here. For information about New Balance Foundation visit





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