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Cooking with Allergies by Lily Stewart

Have you ever had any kind of allergy? Well today I’ll be talking about my allergy and how to cook with an allergy. Lots of people have allergies when seasons change, but my allergy is a bit different. I have an allergy to gluten, which is an allergy to wheat. Wheat is in bread, bagels, cereal, and even in canned soup. You may have heard of gluten free, nut free, dairy free, etc. Those are all allergies! Cooking and living with an allergy challenging. Cooking gluten free is way different then cooking normally. There are different companies that sell premade gluten free food items and gluten free baking/cooking flour.

The main flours for cooking gluten free are coconut flour, almond flour, rice flour, oat flour, and even something called buckwheat flour! Buckwheat flour is a ground up seed and it is not wheat at all! Coconut, almond, oat, and buckwheat are my favorite flours. Gluten free food sometimes tastes different than normal food.

Eating gluten free has made me be become more healthy: I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and meat as a source of protein. You do not have to be allergic to gluten to eat gluten free. It is actually easy to cook gluten free. Some of my favorite gluten free recipes are Super Tomato Soup, Garlickly Green Beans, Banana Cream Pie Smoothie, and Parmesan Yogurt Dip with Carrots.

Well I hope you learned something from me today and thank you for listening! Good bye!



Lily Stewart is a member of the ChopChop Kid Advisory Board.

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