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ChopChop Wins 2013 Publication of the Year!

On Friday, May 3rd, ChopChop headed down to the Big Apple to attend the James Beard Foundation’s Book, Broadcast & Journalism Awards Dinner. Considered by many to be the Oscars of the food world, The James Beard Awards was held at New York’s Gotham Hall. 

It was a great night as the culinary world celebrated the achievements of many talented cookbook authors, food journalists and TV personalities. Including some of ChopChop’s very own:

(ChopChop Circulation Manager Sue Denny, Publishing Director Cathy Chute, and Editor Catherine Newman enjoying the fabulous dinner)


(ChopChop photograher Carl Tremblay and Founder Sally Sampson in front of the camera)


(ChopChop board members Andrew Steinberg and Jane Pemberton pose for the camera)


The highlight of the evening was of course this:

Click here for more from the James Beard Foundation’s Journalism Awards Committee. And here’s Sally’s entire acceptance speech:

On behalf of Chop Chop’s talented and dedicated staff and Board of Directors, our partners the New Balance Foundatio and the American Academy of Pediatrics…and all the families who love ChopChop, I am thrilled beyond measure to receive this award.

We thank the James Beard Nomination Committee for recognizing that we are a magazine on a mission.

I also want to thank my own family, especially my 87-year-old father Saul and my 18-year-old son Ben, both of whom are sitting at my table.  I grew up eating dinner every night with my parents.  My mother cooked through Julia Child.  My own children grew up as recipe testers, rarely eating the same thing twice.  It is not by coincidence that I founded ChopChop.

Getting kids to cook is essential in every way.  It bonds kids with their adults, and encourages responsibility.  It increases understanding of other cultures, and fosters reading, math and science.  We believe this is what will help resolve the obesity crisis. 

But we need your help.  Families need role models they can relate to across all media.  They need stories…images…and conversations that celebrate simple, healthy, accessible approaches to cooking.  They need to see that it is possible to feed themselves well and with joy.

At ChopChop, we simply want to make cooking cool, so please…join us!  And again, thank you for this honor.

(NOTE: sorry, we know this isn’t the best video. We will link to a better video as soon as we can!)

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