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ChopChop Headquarters Update: Week 1

Launching the ChopChop Test Kitchen Campaign

We recently packed up our mixers, blenders, cases of magazines, cookbooks, and other odds and ends from our old digs to move to our new and improved ChopChop headquarters.  The new site is bright, open, and colorful—we even have a ‘parking space’ for our ChopChop Try-Cycle!


While we have plenty of new space to continue our progress in getting kids to cook, we are lacking one important thing: our very own ChopChop Test Kitchen.

So, today we’re kicking off our crowd funding campaign to build the ChopChop Test Kitchen, and we need your help.  Help us raise $50,000 to take our raw space and turn it into a working kitchen. We will use it to teach kids’ cooking classes, test recipes for our award-winning magazine, conduct cooking and healthy eating workshops, and strengthen our community. Learn more about our project, exciting perks and how you can help by clicking on the link below.

Check back in the next few weeks to see what progress we have made with our campaign. We will be blogging about our progress—from the first day of the build to our first cooking class.


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