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ChopChop Curriculum: In the Classroom

Did you know that millions of people read ChopChop all over the world? These people all use the magazine in a lot of different ways: from cooking at home, to teaching cooking classes, and also using it at school!

We have recently introduced ChopChop Curriculum—the perfect tool for integrating ChopChop in the classroom (or after school program!). Our curriculum features classroom activities, printables, and lessons in math, science, ELA, and social studies. The curriculum is adaptable to fit the needs of any classroom.

We’ve recently tested our curriculum in a 5th grade classroom—and it was a major success! The class learned about the math and science of cooking, including recipe ratios and emulsification using the vinaigrette recipe. Students made their own vinaigrette and picked up important kitchen skills such as peeling, measuring, and using a knife. Check out some of our favorite moments:

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