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ChopChop Cooking Club: MyPlate Smoothie Challenge

To help us keep an eye on healthy eating, the USDA’s MyPlate illustrates how much of each food group we should eat.  Keep this picture in mind when you’re serving yourself food, so you end up with a balanced meal.  

Try this MyPlate challenge with your family.

Smoothies are packed with delicious good-for-you stuff. Did you know that you can fit every section of MyPlate into your smoothie?

Think about the ingredients that you put into your smoothie.  Which sections of MyPlate did you include? 

Which categories are you missing? 

Think of what you could add to make sure you include the missing categories.

We’ve started you off with some ideas.   Fill in as much of the chart as you can. 

Fruits Protein Vegetables Grains Dairy
  Peanut Butter     


Banana       Greek Yogurt
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