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ChopChop Cooking Club Kitchen Skill: Grating Cheese


This month’s ChopChop Cooking Club Challenge is a quesadilla. There are few things we love putting into our quesadilla more than cheese. We love cheeses like Cabot cheddar cheese or Monterey Jack, but you can really put in whatever kind of cheese is best for you.  (We know a ChopChop reader who likes to put shredded mozzarella cheese and basil in her quesadilla!)

Of course, you can’t just put a block of cheese in between two tortillas; there’s a very important step that has to happen first: grating! 

 Graters are one of our favorite kitchen tools. You can grate vegetables (for recipes like zucchini pancakes), fruits (like shredded apples in yogurt or lemon peel), and of course, cheese! 

Here are step-by-step instructions so you can become a Genius Grater for this month’s ChopChop Cooking Club Quesadilla Challenge. Be sure to take your time and keep your eyes on the grater at all times. 

Safety Tip: Adult supervision and assistance is needed for washing and drying graters and for grating or cutting up the last part of foods. Watch out when grating the last bit of cheese as your fingers may get too close to the grater (let an adult grate or cut up the last part). 

  1. Place the grater on a cutting board to catch the shredded cheese.
  2. Hold the block of cheese in the hand you write with and the box grater in the other.
  3. Grip the block of cheese at the top, leaving plenty of room between your fingers and the grater.
  4. Gently pull the cheese down along the holes of the grater, from top to bottom, then lift the cheese off the grater and repeat until a pile of cheese accumulates inside the grater. (Tip: Imagine you’re petting a dog or cat, stroking only the “right” direction.)

Now you’re ready to get cooking!  Click here to sign up for the ChopChop Cooking Club. 

Say cheese! We’re giving away (1) Cabot Gift Box ($25 value) to one lucky cooking club member at the end of September. Submit your Quesadilla photo to the ChopChop Cooking Club website for a chance to win! We’ll choose one winner from all the qualifying Quesadilla photo submissions using by October 1st. 

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