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Best Lunch Box Ever


We’ve been hearing from many families they are already in a lunch box packing rut. If you haven’t picked up our Fall issue, we offer loads of inspiration from back-to-school soups, salads and sandwiches. We’re also fans of The Best Lunch Box Ever, by Katie Sullivan Morford to liven up your lunch boxes. Full of fancy flairs, her tips are anything but tricky, and easily adaptable to individual preferences. Like ChopChop, Morford understands that not everybody has access to, or the desire for esoteric ingredients. “Most of the recipes are quite flexible, intended for tinkering to suit your family’s preferences. Capers too fancy? Use chopped relish. Tofu too “healthy foodie”? Substitute chicken. Chocolate chips not “healthy foodie” enough? Leave ‘em out. Your child, your cooking, your lunches.” With 75 recipes and endless tips, (accompanied by stunning photos) your child will soon be the envy of the lunchroom. And don’t be surprised if you end up snagging some of these secrets for your self! 

By Lauren Sampson

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