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"3 ways to celebrate Grandparents Day with food"

3 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day with Food

"3 ways to celebrate Grandparents Day with food"

Did you know National Grandparents’ Day is the Sunday after Labor Day every year in the U.S.? It’s a holiday that’s been around since 1978 when President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation and Congress passed legislation officially declaring it. 

At ChopChop Family we love celebrating Grandparents’ Day. So we’re sharing three ways your family can honor this holiday to help the grandparents in your life know you’re thinking of them. 

1. Give Seasoned

This year we are offering our ChopChop Magazine subscribers a special gift by giving them a FREE issue of Seasoned Magazine that they can give to the grandparent in their lives. Or, anyone can give their grandparents an entire year’s worth of cooking fun by gifting a Seasoned subscription.

Don’t have a subscription to either magazine? Subscribe to both ChopChop and Seasoned here.

"Give your grandparents Seasoned Magazine"

For those unfamiliar with it, Seasoned is another cooking magazine we publish for older adults that is led by accomplished cookbook author, Editor Doc (John) Willoughby. It includes tips on shopping and storing food, reducing waste, stretching ingredients, and, of course, delicious, affordable, and ethnically diverse recipes that support a healthy lifestyle! 

2. Cook Together

One of the most memorable things you can do with your grandparents is to cook together. When we asked our Instagram followers if they had a special memory of cooking with their grandparents, @the_chitowers said, “Made chocolate cake and put the beaters on wrong. Batter flew everywhere! Best day ever!” And when we asked them if they had any fun memories of seeing their children cooking with their grandparents, @ahoffmaster, responded with, “Making cookies together!”

"Cook together with your grandparent"

Perhaps your grandparent has a family recipe that has been handed down for generations. This is a great opportunity to get together to make this special dish. Or, maybe you have a recipe you’ve been dying to share Grandpa or Grandma. Show them how to cook it up and involve them as much as you can. Maybe the two of you want to create something that’s new for both of you. We have hundreds of free, simple, and yummy recipes on our website that you can choose from and follow together.

"Learn a family recipe from your grandparents"

3. Volunteer Locally

Generations United has offered other ways to celebrate Grandparents’ Day that we are also extremely fond of. This year, they have a Do Something Grand campaign for Grandparents Day called, “Dig in! Bringing Generations to the Table.” We’re a fan of how they’re getting people to share resources, ideas, and information around health and nutrition as it relates to older adults. They suggest these two great ways to volunteer in your local community.

  • Volunteer with your grandparent or grandfriend at a community kitchen.
  • Get involved with your grandparent/friend at a local food bank.

"Volunteer with your grandparent"

Those are just a few things that you can do with the grandparent in your life this weekend and all year long. If you have other traditions with your grandparents, we’d love to hear about them. Share your stories on social media, tagging us in the posts (@chopchopkids or @seasoned_mag) or email them to us at

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