Leftovers to Lunches

Even though we love to cook here at ChopChop Family, we all have been a part of a morning panic that includes staring into the fridge hoping something will appear to grab for lunch. We also know that caregivers have to find creative ways to make and pack lunch for kids every day. Our editor, Catherine Newman, once said something that made us laugh: she couldn’t believe her kids wanted dinner again after she had just made them dinner the night before! Sometimes, packing lunch feels like that—didn’t I just do this yesterday?

National Pack Your Lunch Day

March 10th is National Pack Your Lunch Day!  Does your family pack lunch for work or school?  Even if you don’t usually bring your own lunch, use today to test out some quick and easy recipes that are packable, delicious, and can be served cold so you don’t have to heat them up. Be careful, though-these lunches are so good that someone might ask you to share! 

Parmesan Yogurt with Carrots 

Zesty dip turns carrots into something special. Of course, if you run out of carrots, you could use another favorite vegetable. Greek yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt, which is why we use it here.

Little Green Pouch Reusable Food Pouch


Food pouches or “squeezies” have become a lunchbox staple. Most food pouches contain fruit sauces or baby food. Parents love them because they are convenient and kids love them because they are fun and portable. And with their popularity increasing, there are more reusable food pouches available on the market. We love the idea of being able to fill them with healthy fruit sauces and smoothies kids can make at home and later enjoy on the go. Plus who doesn’t love the idea being green and saving money?  

We tested Little Green Pouch and instantly became fans of this reusable food pouch

BUILT Lunchboxes

It's back to school! And we have loads of lunch recipes and tips in our new Fall issue, including some very cool lunchboxes to pack your lunches in. Keep lunchtime cool with a Gourmet Getaway Mini Lunch Tote by BUILT. Based off of their original Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote, their “best-selling lunch tote has been resized to accommodate smaller appetites, making it perfect for kids’ lunches and carrying snacks while you run errands.” Looking for something a little more playful? Grab a Big Apple Buddies Lunch Bag or Lunch Sack. And for even more fun, keep your snacks happy in a reusable Sandwich Bag.