Sally Sampson

An Interview with Julia Child

Happy Birthday, Julia Child! To celebrate what would be her 107 birthday today, August 15, we are sharing an interview Sally Sampson (founder of ChopChop Family) did with her when Julia used to live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Sally used to own her own take-out shop near Boston, and many of her questions for Julia Child had to do with the food and restaurant scene in Boston at the time of the interview. Several of those questions have been omitted for the purposes of this blog post. Read Sally’s interview below, and get a greater glimpse into the thoughts and life of Julia Child!

What Is Zhoug and Why I Love It on Everything

As a rule, I make everything from scratch. For me it’s easier, quicker, cheaper, more interesting, and infinitely more flexible (If a recipe has something I don’t like, I can omit it. Or if it has too much of something I do like, I can reduce it.). I make an exception for Trader Joe’s Zhoug Sauce: “a very spicy green herbal sauce with Yemeni roots,” which I liken to a spicy cilantro pesto (though it contains no cheese or nuts).

4 Recipes for Your Fourth of July Cookout

When I was growing up, my parents took me to the New York World’s Fair almost every weekend. And, almost every weekend, fireworks were displayed. The fireworks, etched into my memory, seemed as if they were breaking up the sky: massive, deafeningly-loud, and seemingly forever-lasting. I found them ominous and overwhelming and, as a result, have never been a fan of July Fourth. That is until I spent July Fourth in Nahant, a small Massachusetts town on a peninsula in Essex County, where the fireworks are of the old-fashioned sort: beautiful, short and sweet, and not scary at all.

If You Can't Stand the Heat, You Don't Have to Get Out of the Kitchen: Eating without Heating

This has been a very difficult year—in terms of the weather—in Massachusetts. There were warm days in the winter and very cold days in the spring. It felt risky to put away down coats and quilts and bring out the flip-flops. And even as late as May, it looked like the cold air would never come to an end, which made the thought of cold soups, salads, and tropical fruits uninviting, if not positively unappetizing.   But now, not only have we survived and progressed past an erratic winter, but even the spring has come and gone, without the threat of a snowstorm. I’m guessing that we’re heading for a very hot summer—in which case, there will be days you won’t want to turn your oven on.

Changing Eating Habits, One Bite at a Time


This week we launched one of our most exciting and challenging projects to date: to help one family change the eating habits of their twin 4-year-old boys in just six weeks. With the help of ChopChop advisor Dr. David Ludwig, we want to assist them in accomplishing their goals, namely, to serve one meal at dinner (not something different for each kid) and have the boys approach the dinner table with an open mind. We don’t expect them to become gourmet eaters or to like everything they taste (we don’t even insist they taste everything): we just want them to stop critiquing what’s on the

A Conversation with Sally

After many, many, MANY months of hard work, the ChopChop cookbook hits the bookshelves today! We've been busy here at ChopChop headquarters, getting ready for the release of CHOPCHOP: The Kids’ Guide to Cooking Real Food with Your Family. We will have lots more to share as we go out and talk about the cookbook and get feedback from our readers. For anyone that is just learning about ChopChop and founder/author Sally Sampson for the first time, we invite you to "listen" in on a recent conversation with Sally. We hope everyone picks up a copy of the cookbook. We look forward to hearing all about