ChopChop Test Kitchen

Introducing Haynes Altobello

Haynes Altobello has been one of our ChopChop Test Kitchen teachers for almost two years. When she’s not involved with our cooking classes, she is teaching kindergarten at a local school. Haynes told us she loves ChopChop Family’s philosophy that kids can learn real cooking techniques and use real ingredients. She said, “The recipes aren’t ‘kid food.’ They’re interesting, delicious, and fun to make!” 

Introducing Gail Arnold

Gail Arnold, known as Chef Gail to kids in the Test Kitchen, has been one of our fabulous Test Kitchen teachers for some time now and has been teaching our Edible Alphabet classes this year.  Gail has been cooking professionally since she was 18 years old (!) and in addition to cooking in restaurants, was director Steven Spielberg’s personal chef. This month we’re celebrating her cinematic connections with our Movie Night Cooking Class.