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Introducing Skillet, a ChopChop Family cooking and lifestyle publication on Instagram that engages young adults in conversation around healthy habits and promotes the positive social aspects of cooking and eating real food together. Skillet's digital content is comprised of delicious recipes, nutrition tips, and fun and informative food facts that inspire readers to improve their nutrition and overall well-being in simple, fun ways.

Geared toward young adults who may be managing their daily food choices for the first time, Skillet helps solve the challenges that come with the new responsibilities that come from living independently. Cooking and eating real food can feel like taking an entire college course that demands time, skill, and resources—things many feel like they don't have. However, we're here to demystify cooking by making it graspable, doable, and enjoyable for those freshly minted adults.


Faneuil Hall Pop-Up Shop

Join us at our Boston pop-up as we celebrate the launching of Skillet! Between Thursday and Sunday, October 17-20, the four-day pop-up store at Faneuil Hall will include the following.

  • Poster art show by ChopChop Family Photographer Carl Tremblay
  • Retail space with curated collection of kitchen gear
  • Interactive food demonstrations
  • Insta-worthy photo ops

Visit our Facebook event page to learn more about our pop-up and see the schedule of demonstrations.

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Sponsors, Partners, and Collaborators

Interested in getting involved with Skillet in a greater capacity? Contact Connie Askin at to learn how you or your organization could be a sponsor, partner, or collaborator of Skillet.