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Our magazine for older adults with its easy-to-follow recipes, skill-building how-tos, budget-stretching tips, brain boosters, and more.


Seasoned: The Inspired Cooking Magazine for Older Adults, is designed to address the cooking challenges created by changing circumstances. Some readers may need to start at the beginning by learning cooking basics. Others may need help learning to cook more healthfully, more economically, or simply for fewer people. At Seasoned, we believe that cooking can be joyful and empowering; that home-cooked food is both more nutritious and less expensive than prepared food; and that people will eat healthy food when it tastes good. Our mission, therefore, is to inspire every adult to cook and eat real food and to provide them with the skills that they need to do so.

What's Inside?

Each 32-page issue of the magazine contains delicious, nutritious, culturally diverse, affordable, and easy-to-follow recipes. Along with the recipes, we provide culinary how-tos, kitchen tricks that make cooking easier, and recommendations for essential cooking tools.

Each issue also includes exercises designed to help maintain and improve balance, as well as a culinary crossword puzzle.

Who is it for?

Seasoned is designed for older adults, and is also intended to provide a useful tool for organizations that serve older populations. But we also believe that adults of any age can learn from the magazine and enjoy its simple, delicious, economical, and healthy recipes.

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