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Seasoned: The Inspired Cooking Magazine for Adults is a 32-page quarterly magazine that guides adults on basics like shopping and storing food, minimizing waste, stretching ingredients, plus how to make nutritious, affordable and ethnically-diverse meals for a healthful lifestyle as they age to help prevent chronic illness.

Seasoned features:

  • Skill-building how-tos
  • Budget-stretching ideas
  • Brain boosters
  • Ergonomic tools
  • And, of course, lots of recipes for delicious and easy meals to make at home.

Editor, John "Doc" Willoughby, has been writing and teaching about food since 1989. He has co-authored ten cookbooks as well as a monthly column for the New York Times' Dining section. He has also been Executive Editor of Cooks Illustrated, Executive Editor of Gourmet Magazine, and Editorial Director of America’s Test Kitchen. 

Individual copies or bulk orders are available for purchase. Plans are underway for expanded distribution. Issues 1 and 3 are sold out, but you can preview issue 1 below. Issues 2, 4, 5, and 6 are currently in stock. 

Individual subscriptions:

Seasoned is available in one, two, or three-year subscription plans, with pricing as follows:

United States orders:

  • 3 Years (12 issues): $40.95 
  • 2 Years (8 issues): $28.95 
  • 1 Year (4 issues): $18.95

Canadian and International orders:

  • 3 Years (12 issues): $70.95
  • 2 Years (8 issues): $48.95
  • 1 Year (4 issues): $28.95

Bulk orders:

Seasoned, like the rest of our magazines, is advertisement-free and funded by those who buy copies to distribute to their seniors and to locations where older adults gather. Our magazines are printed to order, shipped anywhere you would like in boxes of 100 and can be branded (front cover logo, back cover messaging) in larger quantities. 

The cost is $100 for a box of 100 copies and $110 for a box of 100 branded copies (5,000 or more), and the price goes down with quantity. If you are interested in a bulk order, email for more information.