Watermelon Smush

So quick and easy, you'll hardly believe it! 

Hands-on time:
1 hour
Total time:
1 hour
to 8 Servings

Kitchen Gear

Fork or potato masher
Large baking pan


4 cups watermelon cubes (without seeds)
1 teaspoon lemon juice


Wash your hands with soap and water, then gather all your equipment and ingredients and put them on a counter.

  1. Put the watermelon cubes in a bowl and using your fork or a potato masher, break them up until they are mushy. Add the lemon juice and stir well.
  2. Spoon the watermelon mush into the pan and put it in the freezer. (Be careful it doesn't spill.) Every 20 minutes, open the freezer and stir the mixture with a fork. Serve when perfectly smushy – not solid – about an hour.