Turkey Wrap with Lemony Hummus and Cheese

Why is a wrap more fun than a sandwich? We don’t know, but it sure is. Lavash is a Middle-Eastern flat bread that is often topped with sesame seeds. Multi-grain tortillas are a perfect substitute.

By Cris Comerford

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Hands-on time: 15   |    Total time: 15   |    Makes: 2 Servings


Cutting board 
Sharp knife (adult needed)
Measuring spoons


2 unit multi-grain lavash or 8-inch tortillas
2 tablespoon Lemony Hummus
4 slice roasted or smoked turkey breast
2 unit romaine lettuce leaves
2 unit tomato slices
2 unit slices cheddar cheese


Wash your hands with soap and water, then gather all your kitchen gear and ingredients and put them on a clean counter.

  1. Lay out the wraps on your clean work surface.
  2. Use the teaspoon to spread 1 tablespoon hummus on each wrap and top each with 2 slices turkey, 1 romaine leaf, 1 tomato slice, and 1 cheese slice, making a line of filling down the middle with a little room at the top and bottom.
  3. Roll up each wrap, then wrap with foil, wax paper, or parchment paper. Serve right away.

How to Wrap: Fold an inch of the top of the wrap down over the filling, then fold an inch of the bottom up over it. Starting with one side, roll the wrap up tightly into a log.

Click here for Lemony Hummus recipe.