Green Pear Smoothie

There’s no dairy in this smoothie, which makes it light and refreshing and very green. Feel free to add a spoonful of nut butter for some protein—or add a spoonful of yogurt, as recommended by Te’Lario Watkins, our Kids Advisory Board member.

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Hands-on time: 10   |    Total time: 10   |    Makes: 2 Servings


Cutting board
Sharp knife (adult needed)
Measuring cups
Blender (adult needed)
2 glasses


2 very ripe pears, cored and chopped
2 cup fresh baby spinach
1 cup coconut water or tap water
4 ice cubes


  1. Put all the ingredients in the blender. 
  2. Put the top on tightly. Turn on the blender to medium speed and blend until the mixture is smooth, 30 to 60 seconds. 
  3. Pour the smoothie into the glasses and serve right away, or cover and refrigerate up to 4 hours.