Breakfast Kabobs

Fruit salad is even better when it’s on a stick! And it’s fun to make. What other fruits do you like? You can use those instead. (Skewers are sharp, so you’ll need a grown-up’s help. Or you can use wooden ice-pop sticks, if all your fruit is nice and soft.)

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Hands-on time: 15   |    Total time: 15   |    Makes: 8 kabobs


Cutting board 
Sharp knife (adult needed)
8 bamboo skewers (adult needed)


16 strawberries, hulled and halved
1 banana, peeled and cut into 8 slices
2 kiwis, peeled and cut into 4 thick slices
8 cubes cantaloupe, honeydew, or watermelon
1⁄2 cup plain yogurt


 Wash your hands with soap and water, then gather all your equipment and ingredients and put them on a counter.

  1. Poke the skewer into the center of a fruit piece and slide it on, adding fruit pieces in whatever order you like.
  2.  Serve right away, with the yogurt for dipping.