The Family Dinner

“ChopChop Magazine Takes On Childhood Obesity”

Our friends at ChopChop Magazine have been honored by the Columbia Journalism Review. As CJR puts it, “ChopChop is beautiful, engaging, empowers kids to cook and eat healthy foods, offers recipes even adult foodies will love, and aims to help reduce childhood obesity—the coming scourge of the health care system.” 

ChopChop, The Fun Cooking Magazine for Families ( is a non-profit quarterly food magazine, launched as an antidote to childhood obesity. ChopChop offers a solution that is both simple and easily achievable: Cook real food at home with your family.  Engage your kids and grandkids. Or let them engage you if that’s what it takes.

Their message is positive – no finger wagging – and their solution is fun. Cooking builds relationships and leads to better health. It even saves money. Cooking teaches math, science, cultural and financial literacy, really the list of positive attributes is endless.

ChopChop’s mission is to educate kids to cook and be nutritionally literate, empower them to actively participate as health partners with their families and help establish and support better eating habits for a lifetime of good nutrition. ChopChop’s vision is to reverse and prevent childhood obesity.

Published in both Spanish and English, the magazine is filled with nutritious, great-tasting, ethnically diverse and inexpensive recipes, as well as interesting and little-known food facts, Q&A’s and games.  

Check out ChopChop, The Fun Cooking Magazine for Families.